MarioTitanic (also known as Johnny) is a teenager who loves to watch YouTube and play music. He's currently in the process of becoming a musician. He has his own YouTube channel called MarioTitanic.

YouTube Edit

2012-2015 Edit

MarioTitanic got introduced to YouTube when his brother showed him a few videos. Most of these were about Minecraft and others. On the same day he created his first YouTube account, on December 25, 2012, he came across a YouTube channel named Slimkirby. This channel was a Let's Play channel where he plays games for a living. Most of these let's plays were Nintendo games, but some were different games as well. This is one of the first people for MarioTitanic to watch and influenced him the most in let's play content. In 2013, he discovered a YouTube channel was called Milleniumforce, named after the roller coaster of the same name. This channel made rail-fan videos where it showed trains going by. It also had other content as well. This interested him and followed this channel for 4 years. From 2013-2015, he was just watching people while he had school to take care of, which wasn't a problem at all. On August 23, 2013, he made another account which he would use for a few years. This caused him to move on to this account and abandon his other account. After the transition, he was back into his normal duties.

First Upload Attempt Edit

Around March, 2014, he made an attempt of uploading his very first YouTube video. This video was created in a game called Trainz Simulator 12 and featured a custom-made consist of steam and diesel pulling a large consist up the Tehachapi Pass, specifically the Tehachapi Loop. However, due to the computer's weak performance, the video was very laggy, but that didn't stop him from uploading the video. After leaving the computer running overnight, the browser crashed for unknown reasons and made another attempt the next night. However, it had the same problem and he decided to abandoned the plan on uploading it. He mainly used his YouTube channel to watch other people from then on.

2015-2017 Edit